Blinds or shades - what to choose?

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1287158_blinds.jpgAccording to designers there are no details when choosing blinds. Everything is of great importance here – windows’ size and location, height of the ceilings, interior design. Remember that contrasting cloth with transversal stripes visually widens walls, and vertical stripes visually make walls higher. Blue, grey and violet tones create the feeling of cold, and beige, yellow, red and brick red warm up. Bright curtains, definitely, make strong impression, but there is a risk of getting bored with such curtains. Long blinds with frills are perfect for rooms with high ceilings and big windows. Such blinds look very sophisticated when they are 2,5-3 times longer than a ledge. If the ceiling is low it would be better to refuse frills.

In order not to get blinds “lost” in the interior, they should be lighter than or darker than walls. It’s better to choose blinds’ color according to the color of furniture – not wallpapers, because wallpapers are changed more often than furniture. By the way, very often designers use blinds, furniture upholstery, coverlets and pillow cover made of the same material. And one more thing about style. Heavy dense blinds are perfect for classic design. Country style lovers will need light and transparent curtains. And everyone who is obsessed with exotism should pay attention to bright blinds with unusual pattern. Avant-garde interiors demand single-colour cloth with relief pattern.

Modern market offers a wide range of companies providing blinds and curtains. It’s very hard to make a choice,963963_hdr_hotelroom_panorama_view.jpg don’t you think so? As for me, when I was going to buy blinds, I made my decision in favor to Levolor. I can’t imagine how people can even complain about poor assortment! To tell the truth, Levolor offers a great choice of blinds, shades and curtains. The company was founded in 1914, so it has more than 100 years of experience. What is very important, the manufacturer offers custom products, so you can easily create your own design. Customers are offered cellular shades, metal blinds, natural woven shades, roller shades, vertical shades and vertical blinds. Shades are perfect for everyone who prefers hi-tech design. Blinds are stylish, convenient and functional Protecting your home from outside gazes, shades guarantee certain room illuminance and decorate interior.

For those who prefer old traditions and need to feel comfort, Levolor ( provides a large assortment of draperies. Such draperies will add a special mood to your apartment and make you feel comfortable. Also, with the help of draperies you will easily create a luxurious look of your apartment. There’s a great option of choosing fabric and drapery style, so you will be able to design draperies on your own. Besides, when ordering draperies and shades from Levolor you will be provided with designers’ recommendations and answers for all your questions.

Levolor products can be bought in different stores all over the US and Canada or ordered online (which is more convenient and faster). When it’s about draperies, shades or blinds – Levolor is the very company you need to choose! 

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Marry 04/06/2017 08:22

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brick wallpaper 11/02/2015 05:52

After all, what an awesome site and enlightening posts, I would surely bookmark this!

Katie - 08/15/2015 05:16

You are responsible for your own decision. The experts are merely recommend it, but the final decision is in your hands. If you still confused, why not to consult it with the professionals before you are completely spending your money.

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